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Using your reputation.com, .info, .net to work for you

There are many different ways to enhance the way you are perceived online, whether your have great commentary floating around or negative critics trying to attack you. The first step in creating your digital identity is to HAVE an identity, a brand, a mission, a public face. Your online reputation revolves around your decision to […]

Hotel Reputation, TripAdvisor being targeted to comply

Destination owners who are suffering from hotel reputation problems caused by TripAdvisor and similar review sites may have a light showing up at the end of the tunnel. KwikChex (a  U.K. based online monitoring service) released a press release targeting negative reviewers, saying that it plans to publish a list of suspects that are fraudulent […]

Reputation Management and Internet Privacy articles

In recent reputation management and internet privacy conversations, we are seeing an increased trend in users and corporations going head to head. These recent articles give a good perspective on some recent debate points that CEOs and executives should be reviewing: Facebook to Simplify Privacy Controls : Facebook is simplifying its privacy controls amid growing […]

Corporate Reputation Management top stories

While there are many ways of looking at corporate reputation management, our team is constantly reading industry peers and like-minded professionals across a variety of organizational levels. As we often see first hand: the main problem with corporate reputation resides from the fact that it has hundreds of different touch points ranging across the company. […]

Hotel Reputation 101, follow-up offline

Many hotels and destination resorts are being plagued by guest reviews on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Travelpost – many hoteliers are wondering “what should I do next?” The answer revolves around two simple points: practice good customer service search engine optimization is not always your friend As a business owner or staff member, […]

How can a CEO improve a company’s reputation?

This is a complex question with an easy answer. This is a concept that feels soft and fluffy, but in reality the core answer is be a leader and create change. In almost every instance of poor reputation, the realm of social media and online conversation magnifies the risk enterprise businesses face. CEOs and companies […]

Corporate Reputation and Recruiting

As founder of Social Media Reputation, I am always interacting with multiple professional groups and coordinating dozens of projects. As such, I maintain a “personal blog” that connects several of our partner services and serves as a home for articles that fit into several categories. In that facet, I wanted to point you over to […]