Corporate Reputation Management top stories

While there are many ways of looking at corporate reputation management, our team is constantly reading industry peers and like-minded professionals across a variety of organizational levels.

As we often see first hand: the main problem with corporate reputation resides from the fact that it has hundreds of different touch points ranging across the company. This includes top level CEO reputation, executives, managers, employees, product issues, marketplace concerns, and industry shifts.

This gives corporate communicators a huge task in the digital world: attempt to maneuver through hundreds of thousands of interconnected personal webs without becoming helplessly caught in the chaos.

To help broaden your perspective on how reputation affects larger organizations, we have to really think outside the standard box and consider these additional touch points. Without giving yourself some breadth to your perspective on corporate reputation management, you mistakenly apply tactical solutions instead of holistic strategy. With a strong education, you can detail your corporate reputation value (click to see a quick example of United Airlines reputation value.)

Take a glance through some of these current reputational issues:

Does Corporate Reputation Matter (FastCompany) – Based on a poll of almost 30,000 people, companies were ranked on a “reputation quotient,” calculated by a variety of public perceptions, including vision and leadership, financial performance, social responsibility, and perceptions of work place environments. I spoke with Robert Fronk, SVP of reputation management at Harris Interactive, to find out the impact of corporate reputation, and whether or not it even matters. Read More…

What Credibility? Boeing’s reputation at risk from another possible 787 delayBoeing’s vaunted 787 Dreamliner model may fall even farther behind schedule, a Boeing official acknowledged Thursday. The Associated Press reports Scott Fancher, general manager of the 787 program for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, says the first delivery of the already-delayed aircraft model now may slip into early 2011. That’s because of “inspections and instrument changes on the flight test aircraft,” according to AP.

What Apple Needs to Do to Salvage Its ReputationToday is the big day. After weeks of stubborn denial amid mounting complaints from users, and a class action lawsuit, Apple has a press conference scheduled in just a few hours to publicly respond to concerns related to the iPhone 4. Hopefully, Apple will come armed with more solutions than excuses, but for businesses using–or considering using–the iPhone 4, what Apple says, and how it says it, is more important than what it does. Read more…

Wall Street May Finally Breathe EasierWall Street’s summer may have officially started. Goldman Sachs last week settled fraud charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Senate passed sweeping financial reform legislation. Even hapless BP appears to have finally capped its oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. Read more…