As a practice unit of Epiphany Metrics, we are unique in the services we offer. We don’t believe in serving everyone as our core methodology is driven by competitive business results. As a boutique, hands-on partner, we deliver customized solutions based on expert market insight and cutting-edge leadership.

We also have a unique retainer model: one where clients are not disabled by an unknown buying phase, rather they are enabled with a selection of expert services that are bundled into a comprehensive menu. This allows clients to add or subtract specific elements of a campaign as needed. (Don’t worry, we have some “bundled ideas” for clients wanting some pre-defined menu options)

Digital Strategy Our team includes leading subject matter experts and provides best-practice insight with assessment, process flow definition, communication mapping, project frameworks and business metrics. Having a business online is not just about building a website with search engine optimization, but understanding how online communication  affects your whole business.

  • Competitive Intelligence – Competitive intelligence begins with simple questions around analysis and measurement, along with strategic review and tactical recommendations. Our expertise details where competitors are both succeeding and failing, allowing you to make decisive strategy changes to take advantage of market opportunities.

Online Analytics & Analysis — Find out how people really use the web. Discover if landing pages are detracting from your opportunities, if customer segments need to be defined, whether competitors are beating you to the prize, and where new market revenue exists.

  • Online Reputation Management – Having overcome many unique challenges in online reputation, we know that it is not a simple concept. In fact we know that it crosses over multiple layers of technical and social behavior: including sales, investor relations, search engine optimization, social media conversation, and business process.