Casino reputations are particularly interesting, as the entire model of casino properties has transformed from games of risk into family event destinations.When it comes to where we choose to take risks, reputation has always been a key influencer for controlling where consumers spend hard-earned dollars.

As unique niche properties, Casinos have the basic challenge that a percentage of customers will loose at the table. This isn’t due to the lack of integrity by the casino, but the perception of gambling is that casinos need to provide honest and fair terms. If the perception of the digital consumer is influenced to indicate the casino or its executives are dishonest, the entire business model suffers painful revenue losses.

SMR works with our casino and resort clients to identify likely areas of risk that can be easily avoided if planned for, while developing resources and procedures to enact if and when a serious reputation problem occurs. This allows our clients to safe guard sales volume, revenue growth, hotel bookings, customer loyalty, brand value, and market share. This value is quickly realized in the ability to leverage a healthy digital reputation to gain new customers, attract top-rated performers, strategically focus press coverage, and provide a holistic digital experience for the end consumer.