As an initial entry point, we offer several different methods of engaging with our team. While we do offer short term engagements, our core belief is to provide strategic long term benefits to our clients. Retainer engagements have minimum ninety day commitment that allows our staff to prove our value and continue with long term engagements. Initial entry points for our services are $2500 to $10k monthly.

Working within allocated retainer hours, we work steadily to improve your online business. Our focus is to connect components, to innovate within your business model, and identify areas of lost opportunity to impact your business. Our clients benefit by enabling us to tactically use our expert understanding with the best possible tools (rather than be tied into non-functioning contracts with non-performing technology tools)

Example items that may be included in our projects:

  • online analytics
  • sales pipeline issues
  • conversion analysis
  • audience definition
  • internal vs. external projects
  • site design / usability
  • search engine optimization
  • press release optimization
  • competitive research
  • internal audit metrics
  • online brand presence
  • pay-per-click management
  • training / education
  • brand / reputation monitoring
  • brand / reputation repair
  • influencer analysis
  • influencer outreach
  • link building
  • secret shopping
  • custom dashboards
  • process development
  • executive coaching
  • interim management
  • microsite creation

Our team knows that everyone in business is looking for results.
Everything we do is targeted at improving your margins.

Outside of our consulting retainer: we pass along costs for platforms with no mark-up. This allows us to recommend cost effective tools ranging from free open source platforms to extensive enterprise database licensing with no contamination of the decision process.