Digital trends have revolutionized the way political reputation affects campaigns from both the candidate and party level.

Community members now turn to online resources to research proposals, previous track histories, personal involvement, and individual participation levels. This research extends from major new outlets to personal blogs, covering topics and issues that every candidate needs to be aware of.

Social Media Reputation’s methodology has been refined from year so working with top level executives and political supporters.

Our efforts in political reputation extend into gaining additional support, driving fund raising and growing a long-term asset.

Some of the additional services that fall into our comprehensive model:

  • monitoring news stories for positive & negative mentions
  • creating journalist/influencer lists for interaction on future press pieces
  • creating training pieces / leave behinds for political social media supporters
  • managing candidate name in search results to spotlight positive stories and contributions
  • providing expert assistance for personal attacks or negative content
  • discovering donation sources within current support groups (fund raiser influencers)
  • maximizing community involvement, recommending digital promotion when appropriate (youtube, slideshare, etc)

Our team is always 100% confidential and if needed,  are happy to formalize a non-disclosure agreement before discussing specifics of your situation.