Corporate reputation management is a complex topic.

The essential difference of corporate reputation vs individual reputation is that it includes segments of brand, along with both executive and personal reputation. Simple said: the business entity becomes responsible as the steward of everything within the larger umbrella.

To understand the scope, we must first acknowledge that every single employee within an organization is digitally connected to 25 to 200 other individuals. This means that a corporation with 100 employees has 2500 to 20,000 connection points to family, friends, co-workers and more. A larger global organization with 25,000 employees has a like-minded net with  625,000 to 5,000,000 connections.

Those connections represent a tremendous amount of opportunities and risks, ranging from the ability to gain employee insight and support for business objectives to having catastrophic failure points with traditional

When working with larger organizations our team examines structures from a top down and bottom up perspective, identifying areas that have maximum impact for the work we perform.

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Model

For CEOs reputation of the company controls large scale business decisions that include attracting top talent, satisfying investors, establishing positive press coverage, and defining mission-critical business partnerships. On the consumer level, corporate reputation influences factors around customer service, sales conversions, employee relations and client retention.

Working with us

Social Media Reputation provides resources from a full spectrum of talented professionals. In some cases, our work corporate reputation work is defined by establishing executive presence in an online marketplace to create a launching point for thought-leadership and market change. In larger employee engagements, training and resource materials for mid-management and employee teams is provided to create a “best in class” process for controlling social media policy frameworks and individual employee involvement.