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Reputation Trends and market metrics

With the increasing buzz around online reputation and personal brand, I felt it was important to highlight some basic fundamentals regarding the numbers of people searching for reputation. This ten second clip visualizes how audiences interacted with specific keyphrases (in this case reputation), and this saturation map details the focus shift of reputation interest over […]

Executive Branding and Reputation online

There is a lot of buzz about executive branding and reputation. The difficulty in understanding the buzz is that there is a variety of cross-over from dozens of different professional and technical niches: ranging from search engine optimization, social networks, profile creation, video syndication, word of mouth, customer care and personal goals. We like to […]

Online Reputation SCAMS – Part Two

We don’t sugar coat things here. The digital world is evolving at a tremendous rate and professionals of all kinds are struggling to maximize results. This is part two of Online Reputation SCAMS. You don’t get many changes to “get it right” and it often feels like a brick upside your head when you “get […]

United Airlines brand and reputation value

Often working with corporate communications, our team is asked to review current examples of corporate reputation taken over. When dealing with organizations that are dealing with digital communication changes, one of the most revealing points is to compare multiple data sources and review how A leads to B leads to C. In the case of […]

Search Engine Conquesting, brand and reputation

Many professionals have come to the conclusion of ranking for a specific keyword on Google is good for them. In some instances the keyword happens to be a brand name, a professionals name, or simply an associated trademark. If we put our shoes in the brand of NIKE: we rank on Google result one for […]

Executive URLs and personal domains

Last year Facebook announced that it was opening up “vanity URLs” for members to choose easier to brand URLs. Originally the URL of any Facebook page was just a randomly assigned number like “id=595845231.” , fairly soon you will begin seeing facebook.com/firstnamelastname or facebook.com/pepsi (which is already up and running) Facebook’s announcement has made a […]

Online Reputation Scams

In life there are few constants. In the world of online reputation and search engines, anything that could be defined as “constant” last approximately thirty minutes. Because of the fact of constantly shifting technical issues, 19 out of 20 search engine professionals stopped making the statement they could guarantee certain results in a search engine. […]

Your name, the ultimate keyword

As I prepare some of our upcoming whitepapers, I wanted to share some tidbits of tactical wisdom for my professional readers. Everyone online is saying “put yourself out there” to help build personal brand and have a healthy online presence, but few are giving real focus to what you need to be looking at. Read […]